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Electronic Statement Payments 2020-2021

If you are paying by ACH, you are eligible for a 3% cash discount on your dues. When setting up your payment, please calculate the amount by taking the total dues amount and multiplying it by 0.97. Thank you.

Benefactors Society

Our generous benefactors, who lead with their philanthropy, contribute at a level above regular annual dues to help sustain our community and ensure its growth. With membership revenues, religious school tuition and fees supporting only 75% of our annual operating costs, our Benefactors Society helps bridge the gap between membership-based income and ongoing expenses, and reduces the need to tap resources earmarked for our future. Benefactors support our full spectrum of exceptional programming and help us welcome families regardless of means, maintaining the “open tent” pioneered by our ancestors.

* Levels below are in addition to your Annual Membership Commitment as listed above.

Chai Benefactor $5,400.00
Benefactor $3,600.00
Sustainer $1,800.00
Contributor $1,080.00
Patron $540.00
Helper $360.00



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