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Supporting Our Community When We Can't Be Together

We ask for the information below so we can better support our community and support members who are shut in or quarantined.

If you have a pastoral emergency, we are always available for you. Please email or call Rabbi Goldstein at 978-470-2892 or Maureen Chapman, Executive Director, at 603-702-0300.

About You

Make phone calls or video chats to stay in touch
Deliver groceries or other supplies
Train or help orient someone to video conferencing or streaming
Periodic phone call or video chat
Occasional delivery of items I have purchased but can't pick up
Training on video conferencing or streaming technology

Emergency Contacts

If you'd like to share names of an individual we should contact in an emergency, if we couldn't reach you or you were unable to act on your own behalf, please do so below.

Please note that if the government mandates additional restrictions, some of these offers may not be feasible. We will keep you appraised of any changes.

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